The Lauttasaari Language Immersion Association wants to increase the expertise of the immersion method and support the activities of the Swedish language immersion day-care centers and school classes operating on Lauttasaari in Helsinki.

For parents and for the teaching staff, the association organizes a popular Ost & Vin event every fall.

The association closely monitors the decision making related to the language immersion, and through initiatives and research, it strives to influence the safeguarding and developing of the language immersion education.

For its activities the association raises funds through membership fees and applies for subsidies and grants.

The Lauttasaari Language Immersion Association was founded in 1994 to get the Swedish language immersion teaching method to the Lauttasaari island. Today the language immersion activities are live, and the association supports the language immersion day-care centers and immersion classes of Lauttasaari elementary school and Lauttasaari lower secondary school by assisting the acquisition of tools, equipment and teaching materials; and by organizing excursions and courses which support and develop language skills.

The association operates through volunteering. The everyday language of the association is Finnish, but we welcome anyone with any language to join!